1. I can connect to the Echolink servers and see the list of connected stations, but can not successfully connect or receive audio.

    Read the Solving Problems section of the EchoMac Help about configuring a router with Network Address Translation (NAT) so that incoming UDP traffic on ports 5198 and 5199 reach your Mac.

    If you have enabled Block UDP Traffic behind the Advanced... button of the Sharing Firewall preference pane, then you should create a rule that allows UDP traffic on these ports to pass:

    1. New...
    2. Port Name: Other
      UDP Port Number(s): 5198-5199
      Description: EchoMac
    3. OK


  2. How do I register/validate my callsign with Echolink?

    Echolink handles all of the callsign registration and validation. Their web site includes pages that allow you to register your callsign and email address and then validate your callsign.

  3. I've forgotten my Echolink password. How can I recover it?

    The Echolink web site offers a page to request a password reminder.

  4. How can I donate to the EchoMac project?

    EchoMac is designed and programmed by volunteers. We hope you enjoy using it.

    The Echolink network that EchoMac uses is also entirely developed and supported by volunteers completely free of charge. However, to help defray their costs, the Echolink organization accepts contributions through their Vanity Node Numbers system.